About The IHM

“Honour the Highest truth in the universe: it is the power on which all things depend: it is the light by which the whole of life is guided. Honour the Highest within yourself: for it too is the power on which all things depend and the light by which the whole of life is guided”.

 ~ Marcus Aurelius, (26 April 121 – 17 March 180), from “Meditations”

Our mission is simply stated…

“We aim to bring spiritual people together and help each other in times of need. We do not promote any particular traditional religious beliefs; rather, we join together in upholding the doctrine of ‘Love thy Neighbor’, providing a helping hand and spiritual guidance when it is needed”.

Dr James Grant, Founder of The International Holistic Ministry

Our vision is clearly seen…..

“IHM will work towards the creation of a sustainable, caring, holistic society – based on compassion, good health, prosperity, sustainable communities, educational achievement, fairness, joy, and talent. We will strive to protect our resources and the weakest amongst us from the greediest. We will invest in the future of all of humankind,  by giving each the freedom to grow”.